[linux-elitists] What's some marketing buzzwords for what we do?

Andrew akohlsmith-le@benshaw.com
Thu Jan 2 15:15:25 PST 2003

> Have you given any thought to a Wiki?  I'm using TWiki and find it is an
> admirable 80-90% solution.   It's modular enough that it should be
> possible to add a given feature that you want, and the development
> momentum is sufficient that it's quite useful as is.

I despise wikis.  They are terrible to navigate, terrible to maintain and just 
plain old hard to get at what you want.  Not to mention no security or 
ownership of pages.

Twiki adresses some of these problems, but it's still a wiki.  The auto text 
formatting is nice but would bugger up code pastes or HTML pastes, something 
I tried to avoid.  (this isn't a big deal to get rid of, and twiki also has a 
<verbatim> tag).  I do like some of its features though...  I think I'm going 
to use some of them.  

Ugh.  I hate wikis.  It's like monkeys in people's clothes, I hate them.


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