[linux-elitists] What's some marketing buzzwords for what we do?

Larry M. Augustin lma@lmaugustin.com
Thu Jan 2 13:19:39 PST 2003

OK, I'll try the new SO6.

But I'm wary of the "new release is a completely different beast" argument.
It sounds an awful lot like something MS might say.  (As in Windows 95/98
sucked, but WinXP is a completely different beast.)


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> > But you have to understand just how bad was my experience with
> StarOffice
> > 5.2.  It would crash during almost every editing session.  With buggy
> > software you tend to recognize features that cause crashes and learn to
> > avoid them.  With StarOffice 5.2, I never really found the tricks.  If I
> > worked only on simple documents, didn't share files with MS Office, and
> > stuck to the default templates, it generally worked OK.  But of course
> it's
> > the complicated stuff that you want it for.
> I fail to see your point.  SO5.2 sucked ass.  Period.  No exceptions.
> However
> SO6 (OO1) is a completely different beast.  You can't possibly project all
> of
> your distaste to SO6 in a justified manner.  I mean Word 6 sucked too, but
> you seem to enjoy today's Word.
> Regards,
> Andrew
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