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Any of you Pigdoggers near Ranger Station One, don't forget to come and 
heckle the geeks. Brought to you by my cabal at Symbiot. The very same 
event that was panned on /. Ya'll come, if only for the free-flowing beer 
and the skimpily dressed Austin ho's. 

Funner than kicking a frat boy in the head. 


20 Feb 2003

 Friday, March 7, 2003, 8:30 pm - midnight
 505 Neches - Austin, Texas
 open to the public * free admission

Symbiot Security, in cooperation with SXSW Interactive Conference and
Texture night club, presents the next "LinuxTopGun" event (LTG) -- a
computer network security competition -- on Friday, March 7th 2003,
from 8:30 pm to midnight at Texture in Austin, Texas.  Other sponsors
include Austin Community College and NetSerenity, Inc.  Admission is
free and open to the public.  See www.linuxtopgun.org for details.

The competition is included as part of the 2003 SXSW Interactive
Conference nightly events (though the general public is welcome) and
scheduled to begin immediately following a speech by Richard Stallman,
founder of the Free Software Foundation -- at the Austin Convention
Center.  The club venue, Texture, is located within comfortable
walking distance of the Convention Center.  Texture is the frequent
site for installations, performance art, and other interactive art
expositions, including the Austin Museum of Digital Art.  The venue
has been recently remodeled, and this LTG event represents its first
use of wireless in conjunction with high definition digital

This fourth event in the series of competitions, will require teams to
bring in their own servers for defense, using a modified set of
"Capture The Flag" rules -- where teams are responsible for
simultaneously defending and attacking.  Competitors from previous
events have helped develop the scoring system and rules based on this

During an LTG event, teams defend and attack GNU/Linux web servers,
while VJs and DJs mix to accompany the competition.  Expert judges
score points for how effectively teams keep services available and for
how well the teams answer audience questions.  The top teams win
prizes and the winning team advances to the next round of competition.

At the most recent LTG, held at Alamo Drafthouse on January 11th, the
"Austin 2600" team (NcongruNt, Quelrod, Amatus, et al.) placed first
in a four hour competition which also included "Team Penguinati"
(second place), "Team 4tphi", and "The Brown Stripes".  Judges
included Bill Craig from the Austin Robot Group, Charlie Scott from
the City of Austin, Forrest Rae from Digital Defense, and Lynn Bender
from GeekAustin.  The competition was perhaps one of the first such
events to be held in a theater venue using wireless network
technology.  According the venue, clickers showed that over 500 people
attended throughout the evening.

As a leader in computer crime investigation and forensic analysis,
Symbiot Security, a founding sponsor of LTG, provides the network
architecture and operations required for the high-performance computer
attack environment at LTG.  For more information visit www.symbiot.com

CONTACT INFORMATION: +1 512 421 4300 or info@linuxtopgun.org


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