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Marc MERLIN marc@merlins.org
Wed Feb 19 11:58:58 PST 2003

On Wed, Feb 19, 2003 at 11:35:12AM -0800, Alan DuBoff wrote:
> Are you sure? I was at VA before you, even though I was a consultant also, 

Ok, people on this list don't really care about details of VA.

> but the people that joined even after I was there didn't seem to make out 
> very well on their stock options. Yes, people that were there before and had 

I can think of examples and tell you what cars and house they bought.
Names are not important.

> Well, you got the green card because VA kept you working while you were at 
> Taos. Maybe you would have gone somewhere else and worked for another company 

No. I gave Taos the VA assignment, they had other ones for me otherwise.

> and got your green card anyway, but VA did offer you the opportunity to 
> continue working there with Linux and be able to get your green card.

They offered  me the  opportunity to work  with linux, not  to get  my green
card. I was happy to work there, but I'm not particularly thankful: I worked
my ass off, and VA got plenty for their money.
They sure weren't shy about laying me off like a wet handkerchief after that
(and in my case, it was personal, it wasn't a numbers problem, but I won't
go into details, again, it's not important for this list)

It's funny how this discussion seems to get dangerously close to the last
discussion we had where you were trying to get me to say that I should be
thankful to be here.
You didn't succeed last time, and you won't this time.

> And for the record, you could have gotten stock options being a consultant 
> for them, while I didn't, I know there was at least one other consultant that 
> was smart enough to work that out with them...my hat is off to him! I wasn't 

That was me, thank you (and 3 others also got some mostly thanks to me)
It just took too long to get it to happen, I finally got the options right
before IPO and they vested too late.

> the time the IPO happened. By the time most of them were vested and could 
> sell, it wasn't worth too much.
let's say  8,000 options * 2  (after split) * 1/3rd  vested (conservative) *
$40 spread (stock went between $30 and $60 before it crashed) = $213k
Some got more.
> Well, you did get a Miata, arguably the second most popular dot-bomb 

I bought that with my salary, thank you.
If you're curious, it was $8500, nothing to brag about.

> VA-mobile. Many people bought Z3s thinking they had tons of $$$s, only to 
> relinquish the lease and turn them back in...you still have your Miata!

Because I don't spend what I don't have.
My house is the only thing I didn't buy with cash

I think this discussion can end here, most people don't really care.

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