[linux-elitists] BALUG or SVLUG?

Jeff Waugh jdub@perkypants.org
Tue Feb 18 19:51:12 PST 2003

<quote who="Marc MERLIN">

> Both LUGs are fine, and either way, we wouldn't have both you anyway since
> there is a sizeable amount of our members that go to both, so we try to
> not have the same speakers at the same time.

If the times work out right, I think I'd have to come to one of them just to
schmooze, the other to talk. :-) SLUG has looked to both groups as models to
follow for quite some time!

- Jeff

[1] Sydney Linux Users Group -> for which I'm the President at the moment.

                      Cette menace est très sérieuse.                       

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