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Shawn McMahon smcmahon@eiv.com
Tue Feb 18 09:31:02 PST 2003

On Mon, Feb 17, 2003 at 04:54:02PM -0800, billy@damaged-world.net said:
> 	My only comment on the H1B problem is:
> 	Open the fucking boarders. If Americans can't compete they don't
> 	deserve the jobs anyway. 

That'd be nice, except we give free everything to anyone who asks.

Open up the borders, and we'll have a population of 500 million people,
half of them on welfare.  For about a week, anyway; then 499 million
of 'em will be on welfare, and the other million will be packing up
to move to Belize.

Open up the borders to anybody with the following conditions all true:

1.  No violent criminal record OR a credible claim of said record being
political persecution.

2.  A job already offered OR a certain amount of savings in the bank,
sufficient to mean they won't be on welfare in the next couple of years.

3.  Sufficient ability to speak and read English so that they can
fill out job applications, read road signs, and understand police
officers saying "take your hand out of your pocket or I'm going to
have to shoot you, sir" or similar commands.

4.  Documentation of their identity OR a credible claim that lack of
said documentation is due to political persecution.

5.  Fingerprints that aren't in the database of people we've already
thrown out or asked not to come.

Then you've got something.  We're the land of opportunity, not the land
of confiscate everybody's shit and spread it around to the entire world
until we're all living in caves again.

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