[linux-elitists] Embedded development board

Alan DuBoff aland@SoftOrchestra.com
Thu Feb 13 04:39:35 PST 2003

Recentely, in discussing a future project with a couple folks I've met, we 
were looking at using a TI development board with an arm processor in it, the 
925T. The cost of the development board was minimal, and Embedded Linux was 
to be used with it.

Seems that MontaVista is one of the few to have support for it in our search, 
and the reason we wanted to use it was that the arm 925 and OMAP 5910 support 
has a lot of interfaces like 802.11b, Bluetooth, DSP, USB, RTC, I2C, 
jog-switch, etc...that are very attractive for future use even if we don't 
use them all in the initial product.

However, MontaVista wants $45k for a project package, and an additional $10k 
per seat with minimum of 3 seats, so it would cost $75k to get MontaVista's 
Consumer Electronic Edition (CEE) tools for this processor. This is more 
money that we can afford for this project, so we're looking into either 
getting the TI development board we've been looking at and porting over the 
OMAP features (Power Management and such) into Linux kernel modules and roll 
our own. I would be the one porting those features and going to talk with TI 
about this tomorrow/today hopefully.

To make matters worse with MontaVista, they say it's Early Access and they 
can sell it at full price but it's not going to be released until some point 
in the future. If they do have kernel modules or kernel changes, this would 
prolong them from submitting that to the community I believe, I'm not sure if 
they're stalling or not, but they're *willing* to sell it now!<wink>

There were a lot of development boards with feature sets like the arm 925 and 
OMAP 5910, but not all that it offers. Does anyone know of any other 
solutions for a development board with a different processor that has support 
either built into the Linux Kernel or has had that work done already?


Alan DuBoff
Software Orchestration, Inc.
GPG: 1024D/B7A9EBEE 5E00 57CD 5336 5E0B 288B 4126 0D49 0D99 B7A9 EBEE

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