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Subject: Call for Papers

I am posting the following  message on behalf of the editors of the
"Intellectual Property Journal of the PTDLA.  Thanks,

Claudine Jenda
Chemistry Librarian
Auburn University Libraries
231 Mell Street
Auburn, AL 36849-5606
(334) 844-1658; FAX (334) 844-4461

Intellectual Property (IP) Journal of the PTDLA
Call for Papers

The Intellectual Property (IP) Journal, a professional electronic
journal of the Patent and Trademark Depository Library Association
(PTDLA), will serve as the channel of communication and sharing of
expertise in this exciting field of intellectual property that guides
industrial and information technologies.  The journal welcomes
submissions of original papers from both members and non-members on all
forms of intellectual property: patents, trademarks, copyrights, and
trade secrets.  All aspects of intellectual property are covered by the
journal: from historical discussions and treatments, procedures and
practice, research and information services, users of intellectual
property and their needs, to intellectual property laws and legislation
and important existing and evolving national and international


The IP Journal of the PTDLA welcomes proposals of papers on
intellectual property.    Your paper proposal should provide the title
of the article and briefly describe the scope of the subject to be
covered.  Also describe how your subject will be developed and if the
findings discussed in your paper will be based on any particular
research methodologies.  The editor will contact you to let you know the
status of your proposal.  At this time, a tentative schedule will be set
for submission and publication of the full article that adheres to the
established journal format.  Once your full paper is received, the
editor will send you an acknowledgement letter.  All manuscripts,
solicited and unsolicited, will go through a double blind peer-review
process, and be evaluated for interest and relevance to the readership,
soundness and accuracy of subject content, readability, and overall
contribution of knowledge to the intellectual property field and the

Instructions for Authors



1.      Submissions of full articles should be not more than 3,000 words
or 12 typewritten, double-spaced pages.  We encourage submission of
articles in electronic format, with an additional print paper copy to
the editor for reference.

2.      Each page should be numbered and have a one-inch margin on all
sides.  The author's name, address, telephone, fax and e-mail address
should appear on the cover page of the article.  Authors should also
provide brief biographical information to include current position
title, institutional affiliation and other relevant information.

Body of the Article:

1.      Title:  Provide a title of your paper.  The title should be an
informative one.  If you decide to use a catchy title or one with
acronyms, then you should also provide an informative sub-title.

2.      Author Information: Provide the author's complete name as it
will appear in print, and your current title and institutional

3.      Keywords:  Provide key words and phrases that describe the
subject of your paper.

4.      Abstract:  Provide a brief summary of your paper, highlighting
the important points and findings that you want to convey to the

5.      Introduction:  In the introduction, specify the subject that
your paper will cover.   Also include any methods that will be used in
the study and the subject scope, as needed.

6.      Following the introduction, write the main body of your
paper.  In this section, provide the main findings and results of your
study, including any discussion that conveys the ideas you want to
communicate to the readers.  This section will also contain factual
information in the form of names, figures, charts, graphs, or Internet
addresses.  Such facts should be checked carefully against the original
source, before including in the paper.  The accuracy of information
conveyed in the paper is the responsibility of the author, and not the

7.      Conclusion: Write a conclusion that sums up the important points
of your article.  The conclusion should also state any recommendations
you have for your readers.

8.      References:  Include in this section any previously published
articles with information that supports, challenges, or confirms the
ideas covered in your paper.  Follow the APA Style Manual when citing
your references.


We strongly encourage electronic submission of both proposals and full
length papers.  If electronic submission is not possible, send three
paper copies to:

Brian Carpenter, Co-Editor                              Kevin Harwell,
IP Journal of the PTDLA                         IP Journal of
Science & Engineering Services                  Schreyer Library of
RM. 3.247, 2nd Floor, Library Annex                     E309 Paterno
Texas A & M University                          Pennsylvania State
College Station                                 University Park
Texas 77843-5000                                        Pennsylvania
Tel: (409) 862-1902                                     Tel: (814)
Fax: (409) 845-6238                                     Fax: (814)
E-Mail: brian-b-carpenter@tamu.edu                      E-Mail:

Claudine Jenda, Co-Editor
IP Journal of the PTDLA
Reference & Instruction Services
Auburn University Libraries
231 Mell Street
Auburn, AL 36849-5606
Tel:  (334) 844-1658
FAX:  (334) 844-4461

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