[linux-elitists] defanging TCPA?

Martin Pool mbp@samba.org
Thu Feb 6 15:45:55 PST 2003

Hello, all,

On  6 Feb 2003, Seth David Schoen <schoen@loyalty.org> wrote:

> * effectively tricking people into joining a DRM boycott in a way that
>   they won't notice.

One thin end of the wedge is "Secure Digital" (SD) flash cards, which
I think are the first commercial implementation of SDMI.

I see these half-heartedly advertised in photography catalogues as
"Protects your copyrighted information".  In fact, compared to Compact
Flash, they are

 - slower (2.5MB/s vs up to ~30)

 - more expensive per byte (roughly 66% more), and also the smallest
   available unit is more expensive

 - not the industry standard, and not used by either the most powerful
   or most affordable cameras

 - from the purchaser's point of view, less functional

Pointing this out to people considering buying a personal digital
device seems very worthwhile.

Encouraging people not to pay extra money for features that work
against them ought not to be hard.  I'm hopeful that since digital
cameras are still more-or-less a competitive market, eventually SD
will be dropped.  Oligopoly markets and political lobbying is more of
a problem.

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