[linux-elitists] Suggestion to publish court opinions in secret Microsoft word processor format

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Wed Feb 5 12:30:56 PST 2003

On Wed, Feb 05, 2003 at 03:09:01AM -0500, Jay Sulzberger wrote:
> <blockquote
>   from="http://appellateblog.blogspot.com"
>   date="Tuesday, February 04, 2003">
>    I am a Webmaster for the Washington State Courts Internet site
>    (www.courts.wa.gov). We have been posting published and
>    unpublished opinions on our website since 1996. When we started
>    making the opinions available, we had a requirement to do so in
>    text format and we are still doing the same today.


>    Since you recommend PDF, I am wondering how you suggest courts
>    deal with accessibility issues. As I am sure you know, PDF is not
>    considered an accessible format, as a PDF document is essentially
>    an image. While I realize that Adobe has recently come out with a
>    version of PDF that is supposed to be able to be read by screen
>    readers, my understanding is they are not very good and that
>    documents have to go through an extraordinary conversion process.

	It must be pretty embarassing and painful to have ones ignorance
	and inability to do basic research on display like this. 

>    When attending an accessibility seminar for Government employees
>    held recently in Washington, the recommendation was to avoid the

	That's because most people working in government are idiots. 

	Don't take this badly. Most people are idiots, and the
	government draws it's talent from the general public. 

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Hey, who ate my .sig? 

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