[linux-elitists] sarge

Modus Operandi modus@as220.org
Mon Dec 29 00:34:07 PST 2003

In the immortal words of Rick Moen <rick@linuxmafia.com>:
> Quoting Modus Operandi (modus@as220.org):
> > But seriously, any reason I should wait to switch from woody to sarge?
> Are you trying to remain on the stable branch, or are you seeking to be
> on the testing branch?  Are you "on woody" as the incidental consequence
> of /etc/apt/sources.list specifying the "stable" symlink, or have you 
> gimmicked that file to keep your system specifically on woody,
> irrespective of where the branch's symlinks point?
> You'll have to clarify your intent, before your question can be
> meaningfully answered.

Hey all l-e folks,

    I'm back from the holidays, and happy to see that my initially jokey
    post has firmed up into a worthwhile thread.

    To clarify my intent, I'm currently tracking stable. I've heard so
    many wonderful things about the testing and unstable branches, but
    I'm curious to know what dpkg/apt issues might have to be resolved
    on a jump from woody to sarge. Just looking for a heads-up on any
    gotchas I should prepare for before transitioning. (I realize that
    this depends in large part on what software I have installed, but
    before I share all the details I was looking for general advice.)

    To shed further light, I'm wondering about the difference between a
    version jump from stable to testing, and one between stable and
    unstable. Care to help illuminate the best transition path?

Cautiously, Modus Operandi


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