[linux-elitists] sarge

Nick Moffitt nick@zork.net
Sat Dec 27 20:21:02 PST 2003

begin  Rick Moen Lives Three Hours from Nowhere  quotation:
> In normal circumstances, one would not specify a branch name in
> /etc/apt/sources.list, but rather a track name.  E.g., it would say
> "stable" or "testing", not "woody" or "sarge".  To do otherwise is
> to say "Please keep me on (e.g.) the woody versions of all packages,
> even after the branch gets mothballed."  That would be rather
> perverse.

	Of course, I tend to jump to testing about halfway through the
process, and then patiently wait for it to stabilize.  Thus, I now
have both "sarge" and "stable" targets in my sources.list, and that
guarantees I'll track sarge out into its stable status, but I'll get
new stable stuff if I forget to muck with it before the next release.

	Odd circumstances, but worth noting.

"Forget the damned motor car and build cities for lovers and friends."
	-- Lewis Mumford


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