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Nick Moffitt nick@zork.net
Sat Dec 27 18:10:09 PST 2003

begin  Karsten M. Self  quotation:
> on Sat, Dec 27, 2003 at 12:10:38AM -0800, Nick Moffitt (nick@zork.net) wrote:
> > So beaujolais to the GNOME folks!  It's a system that the whole
> > bicamerally-geeky family can enjoy!  You kids need to spend a few
> > days with it sometime.  Maybe then you'll realize what obnoxious
> > little snots you sound like when you brag about how much you hate
> > user interfaces.
> Who are you, and what have you done to Nick Moffitt?

	That's just the point.  It ROCKS.  It rocks so much that the
plain old ordinary terminal-slinging Nick Moffitt can enjoy it!

	So wipe that smug grin off your face and actually try it out
instead of sniveling and ranting about it every week.

"Forget the damned motor car and build cities for lovers and friends."
	-- Lewis Mumford


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