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Tim Hammerquist tim+linux-elitists@vegeta.ath.cx
Sat Dec 27 01:03:26 PST 2003

Nick Moffitt wrote:
> Okay, so  I'm a  hardcore text  nerd.  I used  to use  The Village,
> which was a  crazy window manager that had no  window dressings and
> used the virtual desktop grid  for all app-switching.  All programs
> were full-screen, and I LOVED it.
> So beaujolais  to the GNOME  folks!  It's  a system that  the whole
> bicamerally-geeky family can  enjoy!  You kids need to  spend a few
> days with  it sometime.  Maybe  then you'll realize  what obnoxious
> little snots you  sound like when you brag about  how much you hate
> user interfaces.

I love user interfaces,  be they CCI or GUI. but if  I hadn't been so
familiar with Nick's consistent contributions to the list, I would've
labeled him a run-of-the-mill troll based on this post.

That said, I consent to being trolled. ;)

As  a fellow  (though  non-former) minimalist  windowmanager user,  I
liked Gnome 1 quite  a bit, and even ran the  gnome panel under other
WMs right up until Gnome 1 ceased being supported.

Coming from  that experience, I *really*  WANTED to like Gnome  2.  I
won't go into the gripes because we've had far too many.  I have come
to  like the  bulkier  GTK2,  but the  environment  as  a whole,  and
MetaCity in particular, irk me to no end.

Happy (\w+)Box user,
Tim Hammerquist

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