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Karsten M. Self kmself@ix.netcom.com
Sat Dec 27 00:48:32 PST 2003

on Sat, Dec 27, 2003 at 12:10:38AM -0800, Nick Moffitt (nick@zork.net) wrote:
> Okay, so I'm a hardcore text nerd.  I used to use The Village, which
> was a crazy window manager that had no window dressings and used the
> virtual desktop grid for all app-switching.  All programs were
> full-screen, and I LOVED it.
> So I have tried ion, ratpoison, and I used a super hacked-up sawfish
> for the past two years that had mad LISP geekery up the wazoo.  It's
> all about my crazy keybindings and NOT USING THE MOUSE.
> So I had to re-install my wife's machine because she was sick of me
> upgrading it under her all the time.  I went to debian stable, and
> installed some GNOME-2.2 backports.  Lo and behold, a real useful
> system!  Sure, it looks pretty, thinks I, but it's probably full of
> obnoxious gotchas and work-interference googlies that Windows weenies
> like to call "features".
> But then my laptop died, and I had to take over the box long enough to
> work on my final papers and take-home exams.  A little configuration
> here, a tiny twiddle there, and WOW.  I'm super impressed, and I'm
> even one rev behind the curve!  All the important stuff has bindings,
> like maximizing, moving around workspaces, etc.  The only thing I'm
> missing are the "move focused window as far as possible to the
> <direction>" bindings, but I so rarely move windows anyway that I'm
> not worrying about it.
> So Jeff, I think you're full of bullshit when you keep apologising and
> saying that the audience for GNOME isn't us pointy-headed terminal
> weenies.  I now use the same setup on my new (used) laptop, and it's
> useful even with only 128MB RAM!  
> So beaujolais to the GNOME folks!  It's a system that the whole
> bicamerally-geeky family can enjoy!  You kids need to spend a few days
> with it sometime.  Maybe then you'll realize what obnoxious little
> snots you sound like when you brag about how much you hate user
> interfaces.

Who are you, and what have you done to Nick Moffitt?

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