[linux-elitists] Can we woo you first? [Was: How MS could woo me]

Nick Moffitt nick@zork.net
Fri Dec 26 13:47:46 PST 2003

begin  Karsten M. Self  quotation:
> Galeon tab management, Galeon 1.2.5, specifically.  Upwards of 10-20
> seconds to open, move, or close tabs.
> Nick Moffitt's also groused about remote display sluggishness
> generally, though I'm not sure what applications he's specifically
> referring to.  He might have specifics to add.

	The family VAIO seems to have a slowness regarding remote X
that is geometrically proportional to the number of tabs open in
galeon.  I think that hidden-tab animations also contribute (though
I'm not sure why, since the client shouldn't be asked for those

	So it sounds like a Galeon-specific bug, and little else.

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