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 I need to create a space online where the functional equivalent of a CEO,
 CIO,CFO and other sales and support staff can share documents,
 communicate(visually and vocally) and safely keep our data.

 We are starting a small music label and some of us will be located in
 different locale. We need total privacy through encryption and total
 integration with partners and other associates.

 My 16 year old nephew told me that he talk through his computer al the
 times. So i am assuming that IP telephony and teleconference is affordable.
 Some of us will be traveling world wide so integration with mobility is a

 I would like your advice on making it happen as inexpensively as possible.
 Also a service that would print out our mail and send them out would be
 ideal. Privacy is a major concern, I am told about something called 'dark
 net', how useful is it and is it something used by respectable corporations.


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