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Rick Moen rick@linuxmafia.com
Sat Dec 20 21:39:24 PST 2003

Quoting Karsten Self (kmself@ix.netcom.com):

> On-line survey about Linux at work:
> http://www.surveymonkey.com/s.asp?u=2550325411&c=2210

I didn't have time to do this, but my cat expressed interest, so I
assisted with the typing part.  He started to nod off after #6, perhaps
offended by the spelling errors, but I bribed him back with tuna.  

He had some wonderful answers, but unfortunately the form's Javascript
+ cookies implementation was so broken that none of the radio buttons
worked in Mozilla Firebird, so he wasn't able to submit the completed
form.  Here's what appears to be the entire survey, though:

 By offering suggestions through this survey, you give
    Microsoft full permission to use them freely. We can't guarantee we
    will use your suggestions, but we will review them for use in future
     products. If appropriate, we may explore your feedback further. We
    will not provide compensation for your suggestions submitted through
      this online survey, though we appreciate your feedback and look
     forward to building better products with helpful feedback such as

1. What best describes your Linux knowledge level?

2. What best describes your involvment with Linux?
    End user
    Informal team computer expert
    Front lines IT support
    IT administrator
    Developer of internally used applications
3. What region are you from?
    USA / Canada
    Middle East
    South America
    Mexico / Central America

4. How many systems does your organization have?
         today     ideal deployment in 4 years
    Linux laptops
    Linux desktops
    Linux servers
    Windows 9x laptop clients
    Windows 8x desktop clients
    Windows NT laptops
    Windows NT desktops
    Windows NT servers
    Windows 2000 laptops
    Windows 2000 desktops
    Windows 2000 servers
    Windows XP (and up) laptops
    Windows XP (and up) desktops
    Windows Server 2003 (and up) servers
    Macintosh laptops
    Macintosh desktops
    Macintosh servers
    Other laptop
    Other client
    Other server
    Other Unix server flavours

5. What is the typical hardware used in your Linux systems?
           number of CPUs   speed of CPUs   memory (RAM)
    Linux clients
    Linux servers
    Linux clusters

6. What is the primary Linux distribution you use?
                 at home     at work
    Conectivia [sic]
    Lycoiris [sic]
    Red Hat
    Turbolinux [sic]
    Yellow Dog
    I don't use Linux

7. How complete of a replacement for Windows do you feel Linux is?
        not very good                       extremely good
               x        x        x        x        x
As a replacement for Windows Server 2003
As a replacement for Windows XP laptops
As a replacement for Windows desktops

8. What organizations would you recommend use Linux?
    Home offices
    Small businesses
    All size organizations
    Organizations that have good IT help
    Organizations that like to be on the cutting edge
    Organizations that want to save money
    Organizations that want to send a message to the greedy computer industry.
    Organizations that don't mind doing things on their own
    Organizations that only have limited computing needs
    Other (please specify):

9. Rank the importance of support resources you use for Linux.
        not very important                     very important
               x        x        x        x        x
Support contract with local vendor
Remote support from software developer
Remote support from Linux distribution firm
In-house experts
Newsgroups and Internet Linux community            

10. Rank the importance of server operating attributes to your
(1 indicates a preference for low product cost and more administive and
end-user time. 5 indicates a high up-front product cost but less user
      lower price & more effort         higher price & less effort
               x        x        x        x        x
low price and greater
complexity vs. little easy
setup and administration with
high price

11. Rank the importance of easy initial configuration and setup of a
server operating system against easier administration.
(1 is easy initial setup and lousy administration and 5 is difficult
initial setup and great administration)
easy setup difficult administration    difficult setup and great administration
               x        x        x        x        x
easy setup & lousy 
administration vs. difficult
setup and great administration

12. Rank the reasons you like Linux as a server compared to Windows
Server 2003.
     not very important                       very important
               x        x        x        x        x
It's cheaper
There is more free add-on software.
Ability to run on old hardware
More secure than Windows
I want to get more Linux experience to help my career.
No need to constantly keep installing updates and fixes
Better performance
Better support for networking standards
Easier to use
Easier to install
Better install and uninstall of additional software and drivers.
No enforced license registration.
Better scripting
Better command line
Better wireless networking support
Easier networking setup
Better TCP/IP version 6 support
Better device and peripheral support than Windows.
Better centralized administration than Windows
Better directory service than Windows
Access to source code
Easier to customize exactly how I want it.
Fewer reboots required with system changes or failures
More intuitive, simpler to understand.
Linux community support.
Easier to find qualified help.
Doesn't require as much detailed expertise.
Can hire skilled Linux experts more inexpensively.
Better reliability.
The satisfaction of not giving Microsoft more money
I dont trust Microsoft.
13. What do you use Linux servers for in your organization?
      rank importance 
      (1 is not very 
      important and 5      software    use     want to use 
      is very important)   type        today   within 4 years
RADIUS network authentication
VPN gateway
Internet gateway/NAT
Intrusiion detection
file server
print server
web server
instant messaging server
directory services
Database server
POP E-mail host
IMAP e-mail host
SSL web e-mail host
Scientific or engineering calculations
Workflow applications
Enterprise Relationship Management
Human Resources management
Factory automation
14. If you are running a Linux cluster, how many nodes are there?
      1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   no cluster

15. What does your organization use Linux clients for?
      rank importance
      (1 is not very
      important and 5          in use  hope to use
      is very important)       today   within 4 years
Word processing
Instant messaging
Desktop publishing
Image capture/editing
Video capture/editing
Video conferencing
Web browsing

16. Do you run Windows emulators or virtual machines?
     No emulators
     LinforWin [sic]
     Other (please specify)

17. List the top one or two possible improvements that you would like to
see made to Windows Server.

18. List the top one or two improvements that you would like to see made
to Linux.

19. Please list your e-mail address if you don't mind answering
follow-up questions. Your e-mail address will only be used for follow-up
on this survey.

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