[linux-elitists] How to persuade municipal government offices to use plain text.

Don Saklad dsaklad@zurich.csail.mit.edu
Sun Dec 14 10:16:15 PST 2003

Please contact  ann.hess at ci.boston.ma.us  asking that public hearing
notices of the Boston City Council should be sent by email also in plain text
besides the usual proprietary commercial formatting like .doc

Or that all the public hearing notices in unedited entirety be made available

instead of the current too much abbreviated calendar listings.

Click on
Hearing Schedule

Would people with visual impairments be able to use their vocalizing audio
software with the plain text with greater ease?...

Reductive explanations are needed about how Ann Hess can send out public
hearing notices because the usual explanations are at a too difficult level
for municipal government to figure in their current setup of sending out the
notices with the graphical seal of the city and enbolded fonts for emphasis
believed to make the notices wording and authority more clear.

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