[linux-elitists] Monday 15 Dec: first all-Open Source System-on-Chip

Mister Bad mr.bad@pigdog.org
Fri Dec 12 14:29:57 PST 2003

>>>>> "SDS" == Seth David Schoen <schoen@loyalty.org> writes:

    SDS> You don't have to have a trusted computing machine to be
    SDS> harmed by other people's abuses of trusted computing, because
    SDS> the most important harms are from lost interoperability.

So, I wanted to see if there's a better word for trusted computing
than "trusted computing".

As a programmer, I know you shouldn't trust _any_ software. Software
is _at best_ a faithful but bumbling zombie servant that ineptly
performs your bidding. At worst, it's an evil zombie that wants to
kill you and eat your brain. Neither kind of zombie should be trusted
implicitly with your car keys or your cat.

I think a better term may be "untrusted computing", since the whole
point is that the computer owner is not trusted to choose the software
he or she wants to run. Other terms:

   * subjugated computing
   * yoked computing
   * mortgaged computing
   * centralized computing

~Mr. Bad

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