[linux-elitists] Monday 15 Dec: first all-Open Source System-on-Chip

Geoff Lane zzassgl@buffy.sighup.org.uk
Thu Dec 11 22:36:33 PST 2003

On Thu, Dec 11, 2003 at 10:04:26PM -0800, Jason Spence wrote:
>  - Provide secure audio playback with license management,
>    self-destructing licenses, etc

Ha! Ha!

If you can hear it or see it, you can rip it.
OK the quality isn't as consistent as it would be with a pure digital
copy, but the single analog->digital conversion isn't a problem and from
that point it's digital all the way.

As for P2P networks and other distribution systems, so far there's been
little reported work in stealthing these.  Once can imagine mechanisms using
massively distributed data where no one storage node holds any more than a
few milliseconds of any track or movie and is totally unaware of the
location of the rest (think of a physically widely distributed google
search.) Always remember, efficiency is not the objective...

And in case the thought police are reading this, the only MP3s I have were
bought and paid for years ago :-)

Geoff Lane
"Bother", said Pooh, as he kicked hell out of his modem

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