[linux-elitists] [silk] a copy of windows costs $42725 in india (fwd from rishab@dxm.org)

Mister Bad mr.bad@pigdog.org
Sat Dec 6 12:10:42 PST 2003

>>>>> "MH" == Michael Herman <michael-lists@thehermans.org> writes:

    MH> Also, IMHO, I believe that software piracy is in Microsoft'
    MH> best interest.  What better way to capture users and have them
    MH> start using proprietary file formats?

What value is there to Microsoft in having people use proprietary file
formats if people don't pay for the software that uses these formats?

Are you proposing that Microsoft are some kind of anti-Freedom
advocates? Do they want to get people to use proprietary formats and
programs even if it means no present or future financial gain to the
company itself?

What you're saying, then, actually makes sense. I've always suspected
that this "We need proprietary software to protect our profits" line
was a little disingenuous. It's all just a ruse! They don't care about
the money at all! They're just in this to TAKE OUR FREEDOM -- the
billions of dollars in revenue is just a cover.

~Mr. Bad

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