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Don Marti dmarti@zgp.org
Fri Dec 5 10:25:24 PST 2003

begin Jonathan Corbet quotation of Tue, Nov 18, 2003 at 10:31:36AM -0700:

> I think you got it pretty well; the real purpose of the call was to
> disclose the fact that the quarterly results will suck big-time and to try
> to hype the stock anyway.

Man, those quarterly earnings must suck.  They're sitting on
the announcement until Christmas week.

Reuters needs a quick journalism lesson here.

The basic rule is that you put the important fact first.
Earnings delayed.  Revenue constant.  Two big charges -- the
Boies bill and the charge related to the $50 million investment.
So when Blake says "We're going to HAVE THE SAME REVENUE (but
spend more)" the story here isn't "SCO backs revenue outlook"
but "SCO predicts loss."

What's the matter, Reuters, afraid SCO will sue you too?

> If they do file the new suits they threaten "within 90 days," I predict
> they go after an HP customer.

Let's see those predictions...

They'll almost certainly sue a Linux customer right before they
report the loss.  The delay is probably more "our lawyers can't
figure out how to sue a Linux customer in a way that won't get
them debarred" than "our accountants can't figure out how to
account for a routine Private Investment in Public Equities
(PIPE) transaction."

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