[linux-elitists] SCO plays pathetic "terrorist" card

Geoff Lane zzassgl@buffy.sighup.org.uk
Sat Aug 30 14:48:32 PDT 2003

On Sat, Aug 30, 2003 at 12:41:07PM -0700, Nick Moffitt wrote:
> Of course, if you read the article (not linked to here, to decrease
> juice), it's got quotes from ESR claiming that someone "senior" in the
> "open source community" is DoSing the SCO site.  That's pretty
> pathetic, and Eric really ought to have kept his trap shut on that
> one.

It's a very strange DOS that leaves the SCO web site operational for about 8
hours a day (cf the netcraft uptime reports.) The comparative silence from
DarlWorld over the past five days is telling; the PR advantage of a real DOS
would be huge.  One might expect announcements in comp.unix.sco.announce yet
there is silence. Right now (9:50pm UK time) SCO web site is down again; a
traceroute ends in Denver with no route to host (just like last weekend -
traceroutes from US sites will probably end at a different site, just a
result of a different routing into ViaWest - a Canopy company.)

Groklaw and slashdot are carrying stories from people who are pestering SCO
for information on how to pay for their "Linux License" but are getting
nothing but brush offs and no followup.

$700 is $700 so what's really going on? SCO is silent, ESR is silent and the
share value is slightly up at 14.61 on little trading (the P/E is over 120
which is up there with the dot.com bubble and about as realistic.)

I would like to believe that SCO was undergoing a slow implosion as staff
realise that win, or much more probably, lose, SCO has no need of them any
more, so they decide to find work elsewhere. 

I hope someone is writing a book, 'cus I'd love to know the real story.

Geoff Lane
7 Aug 03 - The day SCO died; just waiting for the body to hit the ground.
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