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Subject: [IP] Dell's Software License Policy

>Date: Thu, 28 Aug 2003 22:05:34 -0400
>From: Ian Goldberg and Kat Hanna <dell-eula@cypherpunks.ca>
>Subject: Dell's Software License Policy
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>Dude, you're getting screwed.
>We just got the Dell Inspiron 5100 we ordered from Dell.  They've gone
>beyond click-wrap licensing now.  When you turn the computer on, you
>get a screen (from Dell, not Microsoft or any of the other vendors of
>the software that comes pre-installed) saying:
>- Before using your computer, read all of the software license
>  agreements that came with each program that you ordered.
>  There may be several agreements to examine.  To comply with
>  the terms and conditions of the software license agreements,
>  you must consider any CD or diskette set of Dell-installed software
>  as BACKUP copies of the software installed on your computer's
>  hard-disk drive.
>- If you did not order Dell-installed software for this computer,
>  or if you do not accept all the terms of the licenses, please call
>  the customer assistance telephone number listed in your system
>  documentation.
>  Press any key on the keyboard to indicate that you have
>  read all of the software licenses and agree to their terms.
>But they don't actually *give* you the agreements.  I called them up to
>ask what's up with this, and got nothing useful out of them (after 5 or
>6 hours), except "send it back if you don't like it".
>This is the next level above "click-through" licenses. Now, they figure
>no one reads the EULAs anyway, so why bother even providing a copy?
>The whole story:
>   - Ian and Kat

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