[linux-elitists] Unix-to-Linux migration marching orders (and a little SCO)

Don Marti dmarti@zgp.org
Mon Aug 25 14:52:05 PDT 2003

OK, let me turn this list into alt.fan-bill-claybrook for a couple
minutes.  He's an Aberdeen Group analyst who has some sensible
things to say about the SCO mess, among other things:

"This seems to amount to a form of blackmail by SCO. I would not
expect any commercial customers to purchase a UnixWare license."

"For example, suppose SCO wins its case against IBM and IBM pays
damages to compensate for the use of SCO's confidential code in
Linux. Can SCO then turn to Linux users and ask for the same type of
damages all over again? Rosen says this would be "double-dipping,"
and it is not fair in law or in equity. Courts would not normally
allow SCO to double-dip."


Now for the fun part: the Aberdeen Group is doing a study to
answer the question on everyone's mind...  "Just how fast is Linux
replacing Unix?"

I know some of you on this list are responsible for some large
business-critical projects on Linux and on a mix of Unix and Linux.

"Aberdeen intends to provide timelines for market segments in which
Unix dominates and Linux will eventually dominate, forecasting the
rate of this transition, thereby helping end-users plan the timing
of their migration to Linux."


Might be interesting to give him a call.

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