[linux-elitists] WashPost article (was Re: sobig.f: Microsoft Windows virus, not computer virus)

K.R. Foley kr@cybsft.com
Mon Aug 25 12:03:33 PDT 2003

Nick Moffitt wrote:
> 	I had someone mail me recently asking for help with sendmail.
> *SENDMAIL* for krissakes!  Some people still have to learn the lessons
> of the EIGHTIES, let alone today's network problems.
Agreed. And some may be doomed to learn them again and again. There are 
probably many people still out there with telnet and ftp ports open 
"just because they haven't been bitten YET."

Postfix really is a nice, simple, MORE secure replacement for sendmail. 
However, one of the problems with such things is that many folks have a 
significant amount of time invested in TRYING to master the black art 
sendmail. It is really difficult to just throw away that investment and 
start with something new, particularly if you have what some might 
consider a complex domain setup. It is well worth the small amount of 
effort to make the switch but that is not always easy to see.

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