[linux-elitists] WashPost article (was Re: sobig.f: Microsoft Windows virus, not computer virus)

Nick Moffitt nick@zork.net
Mon Aug 25 11:02:00 PDT 2003

begin  Don Marti Lives Three Hours from Nowhere  quotation:
> There are plenty of Linux boxes that are not maintained in a
> professional and secure manner, and a new exploit in commonly used
> server software could erase all those PR gains.  

	Personally, I like the CIA's new term: "propaganda windfall".

> Failing to draw lessons from this public experiment in insecure
> software is like scientists observing that smoking is bad for mice,
> and then just sticking their heads in the cage and taunting the
> mice.  "Ha, ha, rodents!  Squeak, squeak?  More like cough, cough!
> Ha, ha!  Oh, hey, Dr. Koop, gimme a smoke, will ya?"

	Remember the lessons from the RTM worm as well: monoculture is
dangerous.  Clifford Stoll railed against this when it happened, since
the only reason it succeeded is because all the boxes on the 'net at
the time were VAXes and Suns running VMS or some recent BSD offshoot.

	I had someone mail me recently asking for help with sendmail.
*SENDMAIL* for krissakes!  Some people still have to learn the lessons
of the EIGHTIES, let alone today's network problems.

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