[linux-elitists] Upgrading Exim 3 to Exim 4

Peter Whysall peter@whysall.net
Mon Aug 25 01:09:36 PDT 2003

Dear all

I was advised by a person whose judgment I occasionally trust that the
best place to ask this question is here.

I want to upgrade Exim 3 (Debian Unstable on hppa) to Exim 4, because as
the web page states, Exim 3 is now pretty much dead from a development
point of view. 

Now, I have a simple Exim 4 config; there's my little LAN which Exim
delivers mail for, and there's guildenstern.dyndns.org, for which this
box is the MX.

All is happily working. I need to configure a router so that mail to
aol.com gets sent via my ISP's mailserver, (can't disconnect mom :)) but
other than that, everything's pretty much vanilla.

What I'd like to know is what the Exim3 -> 4 upgrade entails; what's
going to break; is it automated; why isn't any of this stuff in the FAQ?

A final question, and one that should be first asked, I guess, is
"should I upgrade at all?"


Peter Whysall <peter@whysall.net>

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