[linux-elitists] HTML in e-mail

Peter Whysall peter@whysall.net
Sun Aug 24 01:26:44 PDT 2003

On Wed, 2003-08-20 at 17:55, Bret Martin wrote:

> And, whom do we have to blame for HTML in e-mail?

have one very compelling reason to accept HTML email - it's what my
mother sends.

And although I'd love to sit down with her and explain why HTML mail is
bad, she wouldn't understand - she's a retired infant teacher who uses
AOL because It Just Works For Her.

The consequences of me ignoring her mail are too horrible to
contemplate, and handily outweigh any technical reasons for discarding
HTML mail.

Sometimes, familial considerations HAVE to outweigh technical
definitions of The Right Thing.

The HTML-Mail-is-bad meme, which I completely agree with, must be driven
at the provider end. What AOL does with email is what mother does, and
that, unfortunately, is reality.



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