[linux-elitists] HTML in e-mail

Gustaf Erikson gustafe@home.se
Sat Aug 23 08:03:14 PDT 2003

Bret Martin <bam@miranda.org> writes:


> Back on the topic, quoting seems to be one of the things that doesn't
> work right with respect to HTML e-mail from what I can tell.  On the
> other hand, maybe quoting is a whole other problem area.  I have a
> couple of people I deal with on a regular basis who just inline my
> message and put a note at the top of theirs saying something like "BRET:
> MY COMMENTS WILL BE IN ALL CAPS".  Don't Outlook and other popular MUAs
> do automatic quoting in replies in the traditional way?  (It's been so 
> long since I used one that I wonder if I make false assumptions about 
> what an MUA should be capable of when asking people to change what they 
> send me.)

No, Outlook does not quote the correct way when you use HTML. Perhaps
you get a blue in front of the original text. But it's almost
impossible to inline replies without getting the blue line too, or
getting the same stupid font as the original message (9 pt Arial,

This is one reason, other than plain laziness, that all Outlook
messages are top posted. Add the fact that it sometimes hides the
respondent's email addresses and you get this 300-line forward
starting with "Can you look into this?" and you have to go backwards
trying to decipher what the heck is to be fixed, and whom to reply to. 

Outlook is really REALLY bad at handling mail that get more than one
reply. Perhaps no-one sends a reply to billg and survives...

Thank ghod we've got IMAP so that I can use Gnus at work. 


[1] I could be wrong. I'm *not* going to start Outlook to check,

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