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Tim Hammerquist tim+linux-elitists@vegeta.ath.cx
Fri Aug 22 18:19:36 PDT 2003

M. Drew Streib wrote:
> Actually, I'm not sure HTML is supposed to be for markup.
> Nobody on this list will argue that HTML is a markup language.
> It is rather a presentation language. If someone argues
> otherwise, I'll think less of them. (not that they care)
> Anyone that tries to convince me that a <b> tag is markup, and
> not presentation, is going to lose the argument. Have at it.

<font> is a better example of a presentation tag, but it would be
an easier argument to counter, since the <font> tag has been
deprecated since HTML 3.2 and has been removed from XHTML 1.0.

As stated elsewhere, HTML is a markup language with presentation
tags added.  The presentation tags were added post facto and
exemplify well the human (and corporate) tendency to take
advantage of quick and dirty hacks regardless of how deep the
fangs will sink when it bites them in their arses.

The move to endorse stylesheets seems to be more successful than
it was 5 years ago and this is a Good Thing(TM) ... and an
application of the Unix Philosophy to something as chaotic as the
WWW; think: rcfiles as opposed to The Registry.  :)

Tim Hammerquist
If you sat a monkey down in front of a keyboard,
the first thing typed would be a UNIX command.
    -- Bill Lye
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