[linux-elitists] HTML in e-mail

M. Drew Streib dtype@dtype.org
Fri Aug 22 14:47:13 PDT 2003

On Fri, Aug 22, 2003 at 05:26:18PM -0400, Ron Guerin wrote:
> The problem with that statement is, it's wrong.  Maybe you've been
> hanging out with us too much but I know plenty of people who can barely
> operate their Winboxen who get at least 100 e-mails a day.

I think we're straying from the point. I don't like HTML email for
many reasons other than the bandwidth one. 

I have mucho bandwidth, and if it so suited me, I'd just send all mail
as text and pictures rendered on a big TIFF file, and send two copies
just in case the first one somehow got messed up.

Anyway... the point is that independent of bandwidth, there are reasons
to dislike HTML email, as many people have pointed out earlier in the
thread. I don't have to be the person with slow dialup, nor the person
with lots of email, to think this way.


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