[linux-elitists] HTML in e-mail

Nick Moffitt nick@zork.net
Fri Aug 22 11:24:40 PDT 2003

begin  M. Drew Streib  quotation:
> > [0] Yes, HTML is supposed to be structural markup -- but its use in
> > email is *never* for structure, and *always* for presentation.
> Actually, I'm not sure HTML is supposed to be for markup. Nobody
> on this list will argue that HTML is a markup language. It is rather
> a presentation language. If someone argues otherwise, I'll think less
> of them. (not that they care)

	So HTML included a bunch of presentation tags at the outset,
and that kind of doomed it.  the W3C kept yelling at people "no, no,
use <em> instead of <i> and stop using <br>!", but it didn't do any
good.  They even had good tags like <cite> and such.

	Nowadays they're working on shoving all the presentation crap
into stylesheets, so that you do nothing  but <span
class="bibliography"> and <div class="emad">.

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