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Tim Hammerquist tim+linux-elitists@vegeta.ath.cx
Fri Aug 22 00:32:07 PDT 2003

Joakim Ziegler wrote:
> Yeah, I agree, RTF might well have been a much better choice.
> Or just something less featureful than HTML. I do appreciate
> the possibility of embedding images in HTML, though, can you do
> that in RTF?

Not that I know of.  But I don't use that feature, even when
forced to use Outlook at the office.  If it's something where
presentation matters that much, I usually just whip up a quick
HTML page and post it somewhere, mailing the URL.  No sense
writing up a pretty production when it'll go straight to the
Trash after being read...

> Well, of course there's a balance to everything. But in
> general, if I can spend 50% more CPU on something that will
> make it 20% more useful or make it take up 10% less of my time
> on an average workday, of course I want that.

The scheduler agrees with you.  It's normal behavior for a
process of use as much CPU time as the system gives it.  If there
are fewer processes running, each process gets more CPU time

> Same thing, if HTML mail is used to make mail more readable, so
> I can more efficiently absorb the information in it, I'm
> willing to spend more bandwidth and CPU power to achieve that.

In my case, all HTML mail, regardless of origin, is filtered
through w3m and displayed in the mutt built-in pager.  That's a
lot of CPU cycles to get it exactly where and in which format it
would be anyway.

> CPU capacity, RAM, and bandwidth is only useful if it's used.
> When it's idle, it's just wasted.

This might be a decent argument to downgrade your PC.  After all,
if one can't make good use of an Opteron or P4 3.0GHz, better to
run a P2 300MHz to keep the CPU usage up and the power
consumption down.

If you want to put your CPU cycles to use, join the SETI
distributed project.  Just don't litter in a man's spoolfile
because your processor is too fast. :)

Tim Hammerquist
In 1968 it took the computing power of 2 C-64's to fly a rocket to the moon.
Now, in 1998 it takes the Power of a Pentium 200 to run Microsoft Windows 98.
Something must have gone wrong.
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