[linux-elitists] HTML in e-mail

Joakim Ziegler joakim@avmaria.com
Thu Aug 21 23:08:11 PDT 2003

On Thu, 2003-08-21 at 19:51, James Morris wrote:
> On Thu, 21 Aug 2003, Joakim Ziegler wrote:

> > Does that matter? Really? Most people on those pay-per-minute dialup
> > lines get nowhere close 100 mails per day.

> It seems to matter for corporate users that I know.

> Because people are using HTML email, they're adding all kinds of crap to
> their mails: large jpegs, 20 gifs at a time etc.  It becomes standard
> practice in some departments to send each and every mail with animations,
> background images, logos, music and whatever.

Yeah, passing "fun" video clips around is common too, but that's not
really an HTML problem, people mostly just attach it, they don't need
HTML mail for that. You can solve quite a bit of this problem by policy
and some limits in the mailserver (where I work, mail is capped at 6
megabytes or something for most people, which is not so restrictive that
it's a problem for most normal uses, but it does limit the funny
videos). Also, you'd be surprised what can be accomplished by just
telling people to not do that.

I still feel like HTML mail is getting a bad reputation not because of
what it is, but because of the uses it's sometimes put to. Most of the
same arguments can be (and often are) used against the web, too, but
there's no disputing that the web is an extremely useful thing.

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