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Ben Finney ben@benfinney.id.au
Wed Aug 20 20:08:33 PDT 2003

On 20-Aug-2003, Nick Moffitt wrote:
> It's a losing battle trying to keep HTML out of e-mail, and weak cries
> of "That's not what e-mail is FOR!" is a waste of breath.

So use stronger arguments than "that's not what email is for".

"It's wasteful" is a good start, since it's applicable in every case of
HTML email.

"It enables malware propagation" is a well-documented reality, and most
of those who send HTML will empathise with malware problems.

"It won't look how you meant it to look" is a surprisingly strong one,
I've found, once you can convince them it's true.

"It limits who can read your message at all" is effective, if you choose
your target well; many users profess not to care about this.

Try any of those before dismissing the battle as lost.

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