[linux-elitists] HTML in e-mail

Jonathan Corbet corbet-elite@lwn.net
Wed Aug 20 10:10:27 PDT 2003

> How does an elitist properly deal with HTML e-mail?

Assuming I qualify as some sort of elitist, I can say that I found that out
by accident.  I was trying to figure out how the only recent false positive
I have gotten from SpamAssassin (that I know of!) happened, after a
correspondent noted that I had not answered her mail.  The answer turned
out to be: the bayesian filter did it.  But there was nothing particularly
spammish in her mail.

Except that it was in HTML.

It turns out that *nobody* sends me HTML mail anymore.  Linux folks tend to
know better, and I've managed to educate others (such as my family).  The
filter appears to have noted that.  So now anything that shows up in HTML
gets a BAYES_80 or so before anything else is even considered.

Problem solved.


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