[linux-elitists] SCO and your local attorney general

Jonathan Corbet corbet-elite@lwn.net
Tue Aug 19 19:33:09 PDT 2003

> Wow. LWN has a massive "who can find the code from the SCO slides
> in the earliest and most freely licensed place" contest.  

Hmm...from this perspective it looks a lot like an all-day struggle to keep
our server from collapsing into a pile of smoking rubble.  Every time I
think I've learned the black art of keeping a web server stable under heavy
load, the world teaches me otherwise.

This has been a fun day, though.  We (the Linux community) proved the claim
we've been making since the beginning: reveal the code, and its true
origins will be established within hours.  The wider net community is, when
suitably motivated, the most amazing distributed search engine in history.
If the truth is to be found anywhere, somebody, somewhere will turn it up.

I did ask Blake Stowell about all this.  His response:

	Chris Sontag, GM and SVP of SCOsource, said that not only are their
	assertions incorrect, but the code is absolutely owned by SCO. In
	fact SCO knows exactly which version of UNIX System V the code came
	from and which licensee was responsible for illegally contributing
	it to Linux.

We have to give old Blake some credit; he's certainly been busy at the Las
Vegas Jamboree and hasn't had time to look at what's really going on.  I'll
ping him again when it's had time to sink in.

Meanwhile, anybody know anything about this guy Blepp, apparently from
SuSE, who just got hired to be Sontag's #2?


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