[linux-elitists] Does SCO have a duty to mitigate damages?

Nick Moffitt nick@zork.net
Sun Aug 17 13:42:31 PDT 2003

begin  Justin F. Knotzke  quotation:
[mitigating damages]
>    If this assertion is correct, and please excuse my incredible
> ignorance on American Law (being a Canuck and all), wouldn't this
> essentially put an end to this case really quickly? ie: Show us the
> code and let us rewrite it?

	It would be, if SCO had a case against Linux
users/authors/distributors.  What they have is a charge of misconduct
against a very specific contract by a very specific group within IBM.
All this rot about licenses for the Linux kernel etc etc are just
media smokescreens.  Keep that in mind.

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