[linux-elitists] The SCO teleconference

Jonathan Corbet corbet-elite@lwn.net
Thu Aug 14 09:06:31 PDT 2003

I have *got* to lay off those SCO conference calls, they are not good for
my stomach.  We got to hear all about how SCO is "in the big leagues now,"
how the "silent majority" is behind them, and how they expect to bring in
the big bucks from other peoples' work in the future.  All is well in
SCOland, it seems.

>From this morning's news and the call itself, I'm now convinced that SCO
intends to put an end to the GPL.  They didn't say so flat out (i.e. I
didn't get to ask a question, as usual), but there was enough raving about
the evils of the GPL (Darl sounds like a Microsoft VP from a few years ago)
and how the company isn't worried about IBM's charges of GPL violation to
make it pretty clear.  "Pump and dump" may be a nice side-benefit of this
whole thing, but I think they have a bigger prize in mind.

Fortunately, I think the GPL will prove stronger than SCO.


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