[linux-elitists] Pro-Linux FUD

Nick Moffitt nick@zork.net
Thu Aug 14 09:05:13 PDT 2003

begin  Jonathan Corbet  quotation:
> (The article also claims that the GNU FTP server compromise was
> performed by somebody with physical access to the system, which
> strikes me as unlikely). 

	The FSF have an historical fear of system security (it's
undemocratic, elitist, etc to keep people out of your computers) that
makes administration difficult.  Fortunately, they're solving this
problem in classic FSF style, by using GPG signatures to verify
checksums.  This solution will survive system break-ins, provided they
manage their keys properly.

	It may be interesting to see if the FSF's "wiki way" of
security turns out to be the future: lighten up on Prevention, and
focus on Detection and Recovery.

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