[linux-elitists] possible web doodad -- the "SCO's chances calculator"

Don Marti dmarti@zgp.org
Wed Aug 13 13:35:48 PDT 2003

The collective wisdom of the world's financial markets says that
SCO has a probability of winning of about 0.037.

SCO stands to collect $3 billion if it wins its case against IBM.
As of 20 minutes ago or so, SCO's market cap is about $112.5 million
greater than its book value.  Do the math.  (I'm ignoring time value
of money here because I'm assuming that SCO would get interest if
it won.  I'm also ignoring any possibility for future SCO revenue
other than the lawsuit.  Anyone have a better model?)

If there were one person in the world who had access to a stockbroker
and believed that SCO had a better chance of winning, that person
would be buying and driving up the price of the stock.

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