[linux-elitists] SCOX Price Tanks Again

Willy Smith willy@linuxgazette.com
Mon Aug 11 11:34:10 PDT 2003

SCOX is down almost 20% on the day on fairly heavy volume, traded as low
as $8.27. Bad news from a technical standpoint.

But I was wrong about the short interest figures, up until the settlement
date (15-July) SI was 291,436 shares; that's up a substantial amount. At
some point the specs will cover, or possibly already have. This kind of
information is not available to my knowledge without a subscription to a
paid service, so we have to wait for old news.

It's interesting that the stock tanked on the day of news that they have
signed a license with a Fortune 500 company; that should've been bullish,
that one company is taking them seriously.


We should still see some more downside action unless SCO is successful in
projectile spewing of some new FUD.


Willy Smith
Editor in Chief
Costa Rica

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