[linux-elitists] SCO: Free Download

Adam Kessel adam@bostoncoop.net
Thu Aug 7 20:02:44 PDT 2003

The Register reports

"SCO has told the public that its version of Linux is no longer for sale
due to its legal pursuit of IBM and Linux users. That much is true. In
fact, the code does not cost a penny with SCO providing a rather swift
download site for SCO Linux."

I suppose there's not much more we can do to figure out whether they are
truly complete morons or not, but it might be worth getting a nice, free
copy of linux 2.4.13 source!  


How they could claim any continuing trade secret protection now is really
beyond me.  Trade secret holders are expected to make some investment in
"fencing costs" (to prevent disclosure), but not an unreasonable amount
(i.e., the fencing costs shouldn't have to rise to the value of the
secret being protected).  But at this point they're paying bandwidth
costs to disclose their trade secrets!

And whatever "mutual mistake" theories they've advanced around
distributing the kernel under the GPL before, that mistake is now *over*!

Okay, I've had my fill for the day.
Adam Kessel
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