[linux-elitists] SCO calls in local (.au) lawyers

James Morris jmorris@intercode.com.au
Wed Aug 6 19:01:51 PDT 2003


  SCO calls in local lawyers 
  Kate Mackenzie and Chris Jenkins AUGUST 06, 2003 

  THE SCO Group is engaging a team of lawyers to investigate the
  legality of its controversial Linux licence in Australia, which was
  announced in the US early this morning.

  The single CPU run-time-only "SCO Intellectual Property Licence for
  Linux" will initially be sold for $US699 ($1079) in the US, with the
  price being raised to $US1399 on October 15.

  SCO is pitching the licence as "insurance" against future litigation,
  based on its claim that the Linux kernel uses SCO's intellectual

  "We're just wanting to make sure that local conditions don't change
  the way we offer it, just making sure we have all our ducks lined
  up before we offer it," SCO Australia and New Zealand manager Kieran
  O'Shaughnessy said.

  "It's just something that we need to make sure the legal framework that
  the licence has been announced in the US isn't materially different
  here, and if so, make adjustments," he said.

  Mr O'Shaughnessy said it was nothing to do with complaints about SCO's
  offering being lodged with the Australian Competition and Consumer

  "We've heard nothing from the ACCC," he said. Mr O'Shaughnessy said
  he expected the licence to be on sale in Australia within seven days,
  with local pricing confirmed then.


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