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Nick Moffitt nick@zork.net
Wed Aug 6 14:22:29 PDT 2003

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Popular media this day discovers the TANSTaaFOS-humour of SCO's claim:  
linux is in receipt of stolen goods.  

"No, I won't tell you where the stolen code resides; but... !ah-ha, 
yes... you've got it in your linux."  

More, sco moves to seal specifics as trade secrets.  

"Dude, just tell us where it is, and we'll fix it."  

"Oh, no you don't... I've been fucking *robbed*, and nobody cares, and
now you're all gonna' *pay*.  And *!pay*... ahahahahahahahahha."

If I were a more shyster style activist, I'd form a class of sco's 
prospective targets... but I'm -jv... dillettante, terminal activist

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