[linux-elitists] SCO after embedded linux now

Jonathan Corbet corbet@lwn.net
Wed Aug 6 14:11:20 PDT 2003

> At $32 per embedded CPU, SCO would make a _lot_ more money than from
> harassing a few kids using Linux -- if anybody takes them seriously.

Yes, *except* that SCO cannot collect this tax from the manufacturer of
your favorite Linux-based gadget.  They think they can get around the GPL
by hitting up end users directly and not dealing with distributors.  If
you've not yet seen it, their licensing FAQ is well worth a read.

	 The SCO compliance program is an end-user program for the right to
	 use SCO IP in binary format. The IP License for Linux does not
	 grant distribution rights, nor does it grant any rights associated
	 with source code. SCO doesn't offer a license to cure the
	 infringement on the part of the Linux distributor because SCO's
	 source license agreement directly conflicts with the GPL.


So they seem to think they can only collect directly from the end user.
$32/CPU doesn't look quite so good when you have to collect it $32 at a
time.  Maybe they hope for a day when your wireless access point comes with
a toll-free number; give your credit card to SCO, get a magic code, and the
device starts to work.  Don't know...


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