[linux-elitists] SCO: A dollar from every Linux user...

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Wed Aug 6 10:50:51 PDT 2003

> (point of order: please put SCO in the subject of SCO-related posts.
> Thank you.)
> begin Karsten M. Self quotation of Wed, Aug 06, 2003 at 09:27:38AM +0100:
> > We might be curious as to how Caldera/SCO's licensing plan might affect
> > GNU/Linux users:
> > 
> >     1-800-726-8649
> >     http://www.theregister.co.uk/content/53/32187.html
> Thank you for calling SCO.  Your call is important to us.  For sales,
> press 1.  For customer support, press 2.  If you are a Slashdot
> troll, press 3.
> Oracle just put out a statement saying, "Oracle has seen nothing
> to date that has caused us to question our tremendous commitment
> to Linux as a customer, promoter, supporter and developer.  We are
> continuing our deep commitment to Linux and look forward to seeing
> these issues resolved as quickly as possible. We will continue
> to work with our close partners such as Red Hat and other Linux
> distributors to promote continued adoption of Linux."
> Can somebody pipe that through corpspeak2en -- I don't have it on
> my laptop.

when i tried to pipe it through corpspeak2en it causes segfaults.
when run with strace i could see it complained about lack of large bankdeps 
which are required.
i think it needs larger buffers and the ability to deal with unsigned integers 
to deal with larryspeak.

My interpretation would be,"they see linux is the closest thing to a big stick 
with which microsoft can be clubbed with while still extracting cash from the 
rest of the industry without to much direct cost to them, of course its worded 
vague enough to be easily forgotten in case they are wrong again like their 
network computing systems that were going to bankrupt microsoft and make them 

Is this like giving Tanya Harding a bat for xmas but denying knowledge of her 
intended use of the aformentioned bat?

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