[linux-elitists] SuSE Chimes in

Karsten M. Self kmself@ix.netcom.com
Tue Aug 5 14:46:33 PDT 2003

on Tue, Aug 05, 2003 at 05:25:47PM -0400, Matthew Galgoci (mgalgoci@redhat.com) wrote:
> http://www.suse.com/us/company/press/press_releases/archive03/sco_redhat.html
> "SuSE Supports RedHat's Open Source Initiative
> There have been many unsubstantiated and inflamatory statements made
> recently in an attempt, we believe, primarily to slow the inevitable
> acceptance of Linux.  Linux is a disruptive technology, troubling to
> many, puzzling to some, potentially freeing to all. With every
> disruptive technology, there will be those who fight to maintain the
> status quo, fight to hold on to a losing proposition.
> SCO has already been halted in Germany and we applaud Red Hat's
> actions to help end their activities in the US -- and beyond.
> We applaud their efforts to restrict the rhetoric of the SCO group --
> and the FUD they are trying to instill -- and will determine quickly
> what actions SuSE can take to support Red Hat in their efforts.
> We call on SCO to stop the fear, uncertainty and doubt and join with
> the rest of the IT community in building Linux into the next quantum
> advance in technology."

Note irony:  the GNU/Linux kernel available for FTP download from
ftp.sco.com bears SuSE's digital signature.

SuSE has also just announced partherships with Sun and IBM.


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